Miniature Bull Terriers

Champion  Transcend Racing Spot " Bibi"


2008 wins her 6th CC at SKC
wins her 5th CC  at WELKS
2007 champion  
2006  wins 1 CC 1 RES CC
1 CC & 2 RES CC's
Sex Bitch
Date of birth 02-09-05
Owner Mrs A Wylie
Breeder Mrs A Wylie
Colour White with brindle eye patch
The funniest dog, a true clown and such a sweetie. Now retired and enjoys the comfort of her sofa !!
Enyo Warrior From Margins
CH Minimayhem Morris Minor by Badlesmere CH Made to Measure of Bullyon
Badlesmere Burning Ambition
Alabouche Bertina from Jiltrain CH Lizette first Edeavour of Kearby
Belinka Red wine Rose
CH Grandopera Small Change
CH Jiltrain Mirra Image Margins CH Minimayhem Morris Minor by Badlesmere
Alabouche Bertina From Jiltrain
Fourheatons Grandopera Cosi Van Tutte Finest Hour at Fourheatons Grandopera
CH Fourheatons Grandopera Felicity

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